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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is the most crucial aspect of Arboriculture for arborists. Pruning maintains the tree’s health, structure, and beauty when done correctly. Pruning involves assessing the tree’s condition and selecting the best pruning method. Common methods include subordination, reduction, restoration, and crown cleaning.

Tree Removal

No two tree removals are the same. The level of difficulty can vary depending on the tree’s location, objects surrounding the tree, the tree’s health, and more. At Timmy’s Tree Service, we have the necessary experience, education, and specialized equipment to handle both simple and highly complex tree removals.

Stump Grinding

Grinding a stump is not as simple as one might think. Effective stump grinding requires a deep understanding of the tree’s root flare and structure, especially in preparation for re-planting. The visual part of the stump you see accounts for 60% of what needs to be ground; the other 40% is below ground level.


Abiotic and Biotic disorders are ever present in our trees in the Treasure Valley. As an ISA Certified Arborist, we have the right combination of tree knowledge, experience, and keen observation needed to diagnose most tree issues. Common stress factors for trees include insects, structure, nutrient deprivation, and poor location.

Risk Assessment

Tree risk assessment is the process of evaluating the likelihood that a tree will fail and cause damage and/or injury. In Arboriculture, this is performed to enhance public safety, protect workers on the job site, and promote tree longevity by preventing structural failure. Level 1, 2, & 3 assessments are available.


Important but often overlooked, trees require specific essential elements to function and grow properly. While trees in forests typically have sufficient nutrients in the soil, this is often not true for landscape trees in the Treasure Valley. We commonly see these trees growing in soils that do not contain adequate natural elements.

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Timmy’s Tree Service

Modern Aboriculture Made Affordable


At Timmy’s Tree Service, we have provided the highest quality of tree care to the Treasure Valley since 2006. A lot has changed since then, but was has not changed is our firm commitment to properly care for the beautiful trees in our ‘City of Trees.’

To ensure our local trees are cared for correctly, we are constantly educating ourselves in the intricacies of modern Arboriculture, conducting scientific research, and investing in the latest, cutting-edge equipment.

We are nimble enough to handle residential environments, yet our fleet is robust enough to complete any residential job on time and on budget.

We are not just another tree service. We have over 400 5-star reviews, are A+ BBB accredited, are T.R.A.Q Certified, and are ISA Certified, pursuing ISA Master certification.


Over 515 Google Reviews 4.7 Overall Rating

I highly recommend Timmy’s Tree Service. This is the second time I have used them. I called to quote removal of two trees and trim some others. Tim was timely, knowledgeable, and gave solid recommendations on a few trees that I wasn’t sure what to do with. When I called the office to confirm after reviewing the quote with my spouse, I was advised that they were running about 3 weeks out but that they will call as soon as they know what date. Two weeks later, they called to say when they were coming the following Monday.

– Lynae McGill

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