Timmy’s Tree Service is now offering rough cut and live edge lumber.  We feel that firewood, although a good option for our byproduct, is just wasting quality wood that could be made into furniture or used for building.  We have started milling woods such as Juglans (walnut), Robinia (locust), Acer (maple), Fraxinus (ash), and Ulmus (elm).  We will be able to cut custom orders for our customers when needed as our lumber mill can cut to the 16th of an inch and fit logs 21’ long.  Our warehouse is located in south Nampa, and this is also where our customers will be able to pick through boards to find the right fit for their project.

We have the ability to dry 12’ lumber in any thickness in one of our two 3,000 board foot solar kilns.  Kiln drying lumber has the advantage of a constant temperature of around 120-150 degrees provided by sunlight and circulation fans.  This helps the lumber acclimate and also kills any insects or fungi in the wood.  The drying period is somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks depending on the thickness of the board.