As with most tree problems, nutrient deficiencies or problems are generally manmade.

Because we are an aesthetic people for the most part, we rake and clean our yards in the fall, disrupting nutrient cycling and the deposition of organic matter back into the soil, and depriving our landscape trees of their natural source of nutrition.

In addition, the population and activity of the microorganisms that help to break down materials and release elements are often decreased, (part of the reason “organic” fertilizers take so long to release Nitrogen).

Our manmade solution for this manmade problem? Slow Release Fertilizer. It is the best and only way we offer to take care of your trees nutrient needs.  We use a granular 22-5-6 (22% N per lb-5% K per lb-6% P per lb) slow release fertilizer that releases its contents over the course of 2 months. Twenty percent of its contents are released upon application, and the other 80% over the next 60 days.

We apply 2 lbs of Nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of canopy on each tree on the drip line. This is the replacement Nitrogen each tree needs every year to abate the deprivation caused by being a neat and clean society.