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In removing a tree there are many factors that come into play. The location of the tree, what species of tree it is, if any targets (anything that can be damaged if any of the trees parts fail) are in proximity to the trees location among many other variables. The determination of how the tree will be removed is made upon the first visit, usually the bidding process.

There are three common ways that we at Timmy’s Tree Service are capable of removing trees:

Bucket Truck Removals

Bucket truck removals are probably the most common way to remove a tree, but does require close proximity access to the work being completed. Working from a bucket truck does not depend as much on the health and structure of the tree, as we are not tied to it depending on it for stability. We simply “fly” to the top of the tree and start working downward.

Climbing Removals

Climbing removal techniques are applied when the tree is in a backyard or there is little access to the work being performed. This kind of removal is when your certified arborists’ knowledge and experience comes into play.

Typically the climber ascends the primary lead as far up as he/she can go to find the best place to “tie in,” allowing them the most free range of motion possible. After all is secure, the climber then employs a wide array of rigging systems and knot techniques.

Climbing a tree is one of the most physical and potentially hazardous jobs out there so make sure, if you hire one, to give them a pat on the back and a glass of cool water when the tree is on the ground.

Crane Removals

Crane removals are reserved for the largest most difficult tree removals. When dealing with mature trees, with little or no access, we simply bring in a crane and move the tree from its origin to a front yard or open area to work the tree accordingly. A crane might seem like an expensive option, but climbing and removing a tree of this nature is actually a lot more pricey.