Hiring the right tree care company in Boise is important.

The trees on your property provide a wide variety of benefits that can lead to substantial returns. Keeping your trees in perfect health, however, is not always easy. When trees become sick, infested, or need to be removed, it takes special knowledge, training, and experience to be able to take care of these problems. Even worse, improper care can be devastating to your trees and your property value.

At Timmy’s Tree Service, we take our love for trees seriously. As Boise’s best tree care company, we aim to bring the latest in tree health knowledge, industry innovation, and safety standards to our clients. We are committed to the health, safety, and beauty of the trees we work on and offer a wide variety of tree care services, including tree trimming, shaping, fertilization, removal, and more.

The Benefits Of Hiring Timmy’s Tree Service

  • Safety

    When it comes to tree care, safety should always be the number one priority. When you hire the professionals at Timmy’s Tree Service, you will be provided with the peace of mind knowing we will eliminate any hazardous problems quickly and safely. With our valuable preventative services, we will keep your trees strong, healthy, and safe to be around.

  • Health

    Proper tree care services include the pruning and removal of dead, diseased, and broken branches. This promotes the health of a tree by removing disease, decay, and infestation while eliminating the spread to nearby trees. Regular pruning and trimming also help to improve circulation and sunlight penetration throughout the canopy of a tree.

  • Appearance

    First impressions are everything. Even more, the trees on your property are often the first thing people notice about your Treasure Valley home. When you care for the trees on your property, you boost curb appeal thus increasing the value of your home. By having your trees professionally cared for, you will prevent overgrowth thus improving their overall appearance.

  • Structure

    Regular maintenance like pruning and trimming helps a tree maintain its structural integrity by removing excessive foliage and heavy branches. These important tree care services will not only increase the safety of your trees by eliminating any potential hazards but prevent costly repairs to your home or property after heavy storms.

Professional Tree Service

While we firmly believe we are Boise’s best tree care company, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out some of our 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook to read more about the valuable services we provide our clients.

If you would like more information, contact us at (208) 412-5647. We will take the time to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for any of our tree care services.